Industrial Training & Simulation Systems for Industrial & Education Trainers
    Tim King Electronics Inc. Is a full service fischertechnik dealer, carrying the full range of fischertechnik parts, kits, and industrial models. Since 1985 Tim King Electronics, Inc. has been building industrial models for every type of training, display, demonstration, and complete factory simulations for many universities and major corporations.

    In todayís fast moving pace itís hard to keep up with training & retraining both students and professional system engineers with the new types of system software and changing updates. Using industrial models, both of these needs can be accomplished with minimal cost and loss of time. These models range from very simple programming concepts to complete factory simulation.

    The industrial models can serve in many applications, including custom models for promotion of new machine designs or new programming software. Each of these needs can easily be accomplished using models. Each model is made from fischertechnik parts along with any user supplied sensors or special parts. Models are designed to operate with standard plcís or computer interface equipment making them usable as demonstration models for trade shows, training models for use in the classroom, or as simulators used to prove new designs for machines or software testing.

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